Membership Information

Westernaires is a non-profit, self-supporting youth group open to any child between the ages of 9 and 14 who lives, or whose family owns property within Jefferson County, Colorado. The limitation to Jefferson County residents is made necessary by our use of county-owned facilities. Membership is otherwise open to all, regardless of race, religion or economic background.

New members are admitted once yearly, shortly after the opening of the traditional school year. Applications however, are taken between April and August, each year and we suggest that anyone interested in making application should do so well in advance. A child need not own a horse, and many riders in our top teams are not horse owners. Rental horses from the Westernaire's livery string are provided at a nominal rental charge.

We do not solicit membership in Westernaires. While all who wish to join are welcome, the group is not suited to everyone. We demand that our members abide by certain fundamental rules of conduct, discipline and deportment which many may feel are outdated or restrictive. We feel that these rules are necessary, not only for the wellbeing of our members and out of the courtesy to others, but because we believe that training in responsibility and leadership are paramount in our goals. We believe, too, that learning to function within set guidelines will help to later become responsible and productive adults.

Video courtesy of volunteer William Rumley

If you would like to know more about Westernaires, please contact us.

2017 Membership Application

Instructions: Please type in the member's information in the PDF application, print, sign and mail to:

Attn: Mrs. Glen Keller
8895 W. Jefferson Ave.
Denver, CO 80235.