Westernaires Adult Ride Program

The Westernaires Adult Ride Program is an outreach program created for the parents of current Westernaire riders, adults from all over the Denver metro area, and Westernaires alumni.  What they all have in common is either an interest in learning to ride, or a desire to re-kindle their passion for horses.  The program teaches the "Westernaires way" of catching/grooming/tacking-up, and utilizes many Westernaires drill riding maneuvers during class instruction.

There are currently three levels of classes to accommodate a variety of rider types.  Level 1 is for beginners -- those who have never ridden, or who last rode long ago.  Level 2 is for riders who have some horse experience and feel ready for more challenges, are comfortable at various speeds (walk, trot, and lope), and have some familiarity with the "Westernaires way" of doing things, but might need some coaching.  Level 3 is for experienced riders comfortable riding at speed for a consistent amount of time.

To participate in Westernaires Adult Ride, attending mandatory orientation is the first step.  Our program begins in early November with the first session being the orientation.  During orientation, riders: learn more about the program, are coached in the ways of catching/grooming/tacking-up, and are educated about safety around horses.  We offer another orientation on November 6th, 2019 for new folks who want to join the program.  Our season typically runs until early May.

All rides take place in a group format, typically consisting of around 30 riders each in the Level 1 and 2 classes, and around 20 in the Level 3 class. There are 1-3 instructors on the ground at all times.  Cost of the program is currently $15/session.

Level 1 and Level 2 ride on Wednesday nights and Level 3 rides Tuesday nights.  Report time is no later than 6:00PM.  Classes start at 7:00PM and conclude at 8:00PM.  After riding, all riders are expected to untack, cool down their horses, and return the horses to their homes.  Evenings are completed by 9:00PM.

The Adult Ride Program is a positive, encouraging and popular program consisting of instructors and wranglers who are all here to help you grow and enjoy horses!

Our next Adult Ride Program Orientation meeting takes place on:

October 30, 2019 at 7:00PM in the Fort Westernaire Red Arena.

Since we recently changed this date, we will also hold a mini-orientation on November 6th, 2019 as well, for those who cannot make the October 30 date.