Membership Application and Riding Release Form

Our 2019 Tenderfoot class is now full. Applications will be accepted for our 2020 Tenderfoot class soon. Please check back.

Rider Information. This application is for the September 2020 Tenderfoot class.
The following fields are for the rider. Fields marked * are required.
Please enter the child's first name
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Date of Birth
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Each year we take in as many Tenderfeet (first year riders) who do not own horses as we can provide with horses from our livery string. We do not generally have extra horses to rent to those who have registered as owners. Please complete the following information:
What grade will the rider be in school this upcoming year as of August 1st? (e.g., "6") Numeric data only, please.
What is the name of the school in which the rider is enrolled? If home schooled, please indicate that.
Please tell us the name of the person who shared Westernaires with you. We'd like to thank them! Or, perhaps you saw Westernaires at an event.
Parent/Guardian Info
The following fields are for the parent/guardian of the rider. Fields marked * are required.
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Parent/Guardian 1 Name
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Parent/Guardian 2 Name
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Under Colorado law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to section 13-21-119 Colorado Revised Statues. By checking "I Agree" below and submitting this form, the above named parents/guardian of the rider, understand the inherent risks of equine activities, and hereby release Westernaires, Inc., a Colorado non-profit corporation, as well as its individual members, instructors and officers, and owners of the premises used for Club activities, from any responsibility for accidents or damages resulting from the activities, including ordinary negligence of its members, instructors or volunteers, or their mounts during the normal course of the Westernaires' program, either in training or show activity.