Westernaires Alumni Association

Alumni give a tremendous amount of support to the Westernaires. They have returned not only as instructors but to work in whatever way possible to support the active members and adults at Fort Westernaire. Alumni have been through the ups and downs, the problems and the glories of performing. Their acquired skills and experience are invaluable assets to the continued improvement of this club.

Westernaires Alumni Association is a most select group of adults, and a strong and growing force in the continuance of the organization. Requirements for membership are that the rider must stay in Westernaires until graduation from high school. (When members graduate from high school, they also graduate from Westernaires, except that they may ride with their team until the following Horsecapades Annual Show, or the following National Western Stock Show if they are in Red Team.)

All Alumni in good standing are eligible to participate in Westernaires shows in accordance with Westernaires' Rules. Alumni also receive the Alumni newsletters and mailings.