70th Anniversary Art and Written Word Contests

Current Westernaires riders are eligible to enter our 70th Anniversary Art Contest with their submissions using visual arts (painting, etching, etc.) media encompassing the theme of “Westernaires Tradition”. You choose the medium for the project. You must include an entry form (either paper or electronic, below) with your entry when you submit your original creation to the Westernaires office by June 15. Do not sign the piece on the front!

Entries will be judged by an independent panel on the basis of appropriateness to the organization and the winners will be announced at the official party in July. Prizes will be awarded to the top three place winners.

1st Place - $50 gift card

2nd Place - $25 gift card

3rd Place - $10 gift card

Winners will get to select a gift card or Westernaires store credit. They will also be printed in a future edition of Boots & Saddles. Please complete and submit the form below, then deliver your art piece to the Westernaires office.

The second contest is aimed at our other talented youth who can write an essay, a poem, or other expression of words. The rules and prizes match those of the art contest, except that you should add your name to the piece. Please complete the form below to submit your essay, poem, or other written word. If you’d like to submit a printed copy instead, please either deliver it to the Westernaires office, or submit it via email at:  boots@westernaires.com

Artwork and Written Word Submission Form

If you're submitting artwork, please complete the form below and deliver your art to the Westernaires office. If you're submitting an essay, poem, or other written work, please complete the following form and paste your piece below.
Rider Name *
Rider Name
Enter the name of your base team or class (e.g., Vaqueros)
Please enter the title of your piece, if it has one.
If submitting an art entry, please list the type of media you used to create it (e.g., watercolor).
If submitting an essay or poem, please paste your full essay or poem here.